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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 148

Lyndon D. Yearick

This Bill is from the 151st General Assembly. Prior to the bill being signed on November 7, 2022, if a municipality or other governmental unit employs a police officer who has within 2 years completed mandatory training while in the employ of another municipality or governmental unit, the new employer reimburses the prior employer. This act changes the reimbursement if the change of employment occurs within 4 years, and changes the yearly rate of reimbursement to reflect the new time period to $40,000 for one year, $30,000 for two years, $20,000 for three, and $10,000 for four years. For the complete bill, please click here:

Legislative Highlights

House Bill 158

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act creates a $500 tax credit applicable to individual personal income taxes for certain lower-income, working-poor, individuals. In the case of spouses filing a joint return, the tax credit is $1,000. If spouses file […]

House Bill 172

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act temporarily eliminates the state’s portion of the realty transfer tax for certain real estate closings for first time home buyers with a purchase price of $250,000 or less. The bill applies to a […]

House Bill 189

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act codifies what valid forms of identification are to be included with the statement an elector must prepare to request an absentee ballot. It also allows for an elector submitting the statement by mail […]