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Delaware House Republicans


House Bill 313 with House Amendment 1

This Act amends the Millsboro Charter to require the town auditor to make and deliver the annual audit report to the Town Council by the date of the Council’s regular meeting in January after the end of the fiscal year. […]

House Bill 278

This Act requires personal income tax brackets to be annually adjusted for cost-of-living increases. This will prevent tax increases due to “bracket creep” caused by cost-of-living raises given to workers. This Act will be effective for tax years beginning after […]

House Bill 473

Campaign contribution limits have not been changed since 1991. Since then, the cost of a 1st class stamp has increased from 29 cents to 58 cents today. Since 1991, the Consumer Price Index has risen by at least 90 percent. […]

House Bill 379 – House Amendent 1

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act Amends Title 10 of the Delaware Code by allowing automatic Expungement for Juveniles who choose to participate in the Juvenile Offender Civil Citation Program after one year of successful completion of the program. […]