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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 473

Daniel B. Short

Campaign contribution limits have not been changed since 1991. Since then, the cost of a 1st class stamp has increased from 29 cents to 58 cents today. Since 1991, the Consumer Price Index has risen by at least 90 percent. The Act authorizes the Commissioner of Elections, as of January 1 after each general election, to adjust and set new election campaign contribution limits for statewide and non-statewide elections based upon the change to the Consumer Price Index that occurs since the most recent adjustment to these contribution limits.

Legislative Highlights

House Bill 193 with HA 3 & SA 1

From the 151st general Assembly, this Bill seeks to provide the State Fire Commission with the authority to hear and resolve disputes filed by members of the public or fire companies with respect to firefighting activities by individual firefighters and […]

House Bill 109

From the 151st general Assembly, this Act is the first leg of a Constitutional Amendment reflecting the recommendations of the Advisory Panel to the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) on Potential Fiscal Controls and Budget Smoothing Mechanisms established […]

House Bill 82 with HA 4

From the 151st general Assembly, this Bill seeks to amend sections of Chapter 66 concerning the Delaware State Fire Prevention by: imposing a timeframe on the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters’ Association to recommend nominate Commission members to the Governor; imposing a […]

House Bill 34

From the 151st General Assembly, this Bill removes the option of allowing notification to the public of candidates for Mayor and City Council by posting the names of such candidates in at least five (5) public places in the City […]