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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 39

Michael F. Smith

From the 152nd General Assembly, this bill seeks to create the Expanded Protection for Our Communities and Homes (EPOCH) Grant Program through a one-time appropriation of $20 million. The grant money would be distributed to every Delaware police agency that chooses to participate. The distribution would consist of a minimum standard allocation made to each agency and an allocation based on the number of uniformed officers authorized for each agency. EPOCH grants could be used by the recipient agencies to recruit new officers; promote or encourage careers in law enforcement; initially pay the salaries of newly hired officers; pay for overtime to facilitate additional work to address issues of local concern (including traffic enforcement); and implement programs designed to improve public safety in the area of the agency’s jurisdiction. The grant allocations would be available for the agencies to use for up to three years, after which any unused and unencumbered funding would return to the General Fund. For the complete bill, please click here:

Legislative Highlights

House Bill 43

This Act is from the 152nd General Assembly and allows Delaware voters who are not affiliated with a political party to vote in a political party’s primary election. Currently there are approximately 170,000 registered Delaware voters who are not affiliated […]

House Bill 44

This bill is from the 152nd General Assembly. The constitutional requirement to create new legislative districts following the U.S. Census was intended to ensure equal representation at all levels of government. However, Delaware’s current process of redistricting is deeply flawed. […]

House Bill 42

This Act is from the 152nd General Assembly and removes the up to 10% increase in school property taxes allowed after reassessment. For the complete bill please click here: […]