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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 379

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act Amends Title 10 of the Delaware Code by allowing automatic Expungement for Juveniles who choose to participate in the Juvenile Offender Civil Citation Program after one year of successful completion of the program. This Program was offered as a viable alternative for Delaware Juveniles who did not wish to have a criminal misdemeanor on their record, especially in a time when these Juveniles may be applying for higher education and employment. However, whereas certain lower-level criminal offenses offer an option for expungement, these Civil Citations do not, and can still be seen on the Juveniles’ records. This Act also obligates the Civil Citation Coordinator to notify any courts or law-enforcement agencies who possess records pertaining to the case to have the records expunged. Such courts and agencies are to provide written notice to the Coordinator to confirm the expungement was completed. For the complete bill, please click here: