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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 298

Ruth Briggs King

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act authorizes a reduction in the realty transfer tax for senior Delaware residents who have resided in Delaware for at least 10 consecutive years prior to entering into a transaction to sell their primary Delaware residence. This reduction only applies to an amount equal to 1/2 percent multiplied by the lesser of the value of the property, or $400,000. This reduction is modeled after the first-time home buyer reduction previously authorized for purchasers. For the complete bill, please click here:

Legislative Highlights

House Bill 211

From the 151st General Assembly, this Bill adds the Department of Correction, Bureau of Prisons and Bureau of Community Corrections’ vehicles to the list of “authorized emergency vehicles” identified in Chapter 41 of Title 21 that are afforded certain privileges […]

House Bill 413

From the 151st General Assembly, this Bill requires motor vehicle insurance policies, under the personal injury protection provisions (PIP), to provide coverage for up to $650 for any 1 person extricated and $1200 for all persons extricated in any 1 […]

House Bill 22 with HA 1,2, & 3

From the 151st General Assembly, this Bill creates the Delaware Digital Right to Repair Act. Currently when an electronic product such as a phone or electronic game breaks, it is only allowed to be repaired by the manufacturer. Parts are […]