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Delaware House Republicans


House Bill 203

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act proposes to limit the Governor’s abilities during a State of Emergency in regard to the Delaware Freedom of Information Act, exempting it from Title 20, Chapter 31. This Act also ensures that the […]

House Bill 147

From the 151st General Assembly, this Act requires the Controller General to cause to be prepared an economic impact analysis on legislation that increases the state’s minimum wage to determine the economic impact in this State of increasing the minimum […]

House Bill 486

This Bill changes divorce and annulment property division law to have Family Court consider whether an animal is a service or support animal to a particular party when allocating such an animal to a party. […]

House Bill 413

From the 151st General Assembly, this Bill requires motor vehicle insurance policies, under the personal injury protection provisions (PIP), to provide coverage for up to $650 for any 1 person extricated and $1200 for all persons extricated in any 1 […]