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Delaware House Republicans

House Bill 468 with House Amendment 1

Stephen Smyk

This bill allows for flashing lights to be placed upon trailers used by law enforcement for speed control purposes.

Legislative Highlights

House Bill 469

While the consumption of marijuana while driving is an unclassified misdemeanor under § 4764(d) of Title 16 of the Delaware Code, this Act also makes the consumption of marijuana while driving a motor vehicle violation, like alcohol currently is. Thus, […]

House Bill 470

This bill increases the annual funding to the Delaware Land and Water Conservation Trust to adjust for inflation. These funding amounts have not been adjusted since 2001. The increase in funding also accommodates increased real estate costs, especially in coastal […]

House Bill 483

This bill increases the amount of realty transfer tax receipts transferred to the Delaware Farmland Preservation Fund to adjust for inflation. This funding amount has not been increased since 2005. […]